Small (12oz) $3.49      Medium (20oz) $4.99      Large (32oz) $6.39
Add an extra shot for $1.00.

Virgin: Small (12oz) $1.09    Virgin: Medium (20oz) $2.69    Virgin: Large (32oz) $3.99

                                          The nice smooth fruit drink you've been looking for
         Strawberry, Banana, Watermelon, Peach, Raspberry,Orange, Mango, Kiwi, and Orange

                                                Frozen cactus juices from south of the border.
                                                          Strawberry, Raspberry, and original

                                                                        Pina Colada
                                                Tropical taste that you can't get enough of.
                                            Strawberry, Banana, Kiwi, Mango, and Raspberry

We bring Bourbon St to Texas

Blue Hawaiian
Think of a cool blue ocean!
Coconut and Lemon

Mai Tai
Orange, Pineapple, Lime and more
Pina Colada and Cream
Ice cream makes it smooth
Strawberries and Cream
Try it.  You'll like it
Bananas and Cream
The monkeys go ape over it
Raspberries and Cream
A real taste sensation
Peaches and Cream
Like homemade ice cream
Orange and Cream
Tequila Sunrise
Orange with a splash of cherry
Caution! This will knock you 
off your feet!
Raspberry Smash
Berry berry good

Try Our Gel Shots!

6 for $5.00

High Roller
Kick your life up a bit
Heat Wave
Refreshing to the last drop
Cool Aid
Not just any old cool aid
A very exotic mix
Give this one a try,
its worth it!
Green Goddess
Nothing short of pure bliss
Lemon, Kiwi and more!
Hairy Ape
A great fruit taste with a kick!
Hog Snort
Great mix for you risk takers!
A great drink to shout about!
A big hit for chocolate lovers
This one might sneak up on you
A bit of cherry to finish the deal
This one really hits the spot
Mad Town Milkshake
Great chocolate taste!
Desert Sunrise
The Thirst Quincher with a kick!
Elmer Fudpucker
Great taste, great price.
Itchy Bitchy Smelly Nelly
Its a must have for Pina Colada fans!
Sour Ball
Get ready to pucker up!
Shady Lady
Kiwi Lovers must try this!
Sledge Hammer
Hard hitter with a bit of ice cream
Purple Kamikaze
A real thriller!
Watch out! This one might sting!
Pink Gator
Pancho Villa
Mangos, Cherrys and more!
Peach Velvet
Smooth as velvet!
Mexican Screw
A little taste of Mexico
Melon Ball
Oranges and Kiwi... Yummy!
Add some ice cream and a cherry
and have yourself a Luau!
Electric Lemonade
Sour to the last drop!
Fuzzy Monkey
Nothin fuzzy about this one
Fuzzy Navel
Makes you come back for more.
Grape Ape
Goes down nice and smooth
Sweet Tart
Sour! Sour! Sour!
Tidal Wave
If you think you can handle it...
Tropical Gold
Tropics at its best!
Velvet Kiss
Shes gonna blow!
Vulcan Mind Melt
Goes straight to the brain
Wet Dream
Think of a calm, smooth beach
Zuma Buma
Straight from the Islands

Ice Cream In A Cup
Add any flavor on top
Small $1.46 Medium $1.99
Large $2.49
Soft Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper,
Sprite, Rootbeer, Gatorade
Small $.79 Medium $1.09 Large $1.19
Freshly brewed Folgers
Small 79¢ Medium 99¢
Bottled Water
59¢ 75¢ $1.20
Fountain Refills
Up to 32oz $.79
44oz $1.19
64oz $1.49
Bagged Ice
10 Lbs 1.49¢
Small $1.98
Medium $2.58
Large $3.08